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We specialize in social dancing – whether you want to hit the club scene or dance at social functions, we can get you dancing! We believe in quality training and have a selection of choices for you to choose from. Walk-ins welcome! Our classes accommodate students to join at any time. All classes are taught in a systematic way until you move to the next level. We offer the following levels of dancing: Absolute beginner, Improver, Intermediate and advance. We have designed these classes for people who are absolute beginners. Here you will learn timing, leading & following and how to properly turn.





809 Hopemills Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28304



Our typical beginner group classes take an hour each and we offer them up to three times a week. This gives you more practice time weekly to get you to the next level quicker.

We are here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.






Bachata is one of the hottest dances on the club scene today.  With sexy hip motion, compelling rhythms, close embrace and intricate arm movements and body positioning it is the modern-day dirty dancing. We offer Kids and Adult classes. All levels welcomed.






JOIN US TODAY: Call 336.303.6363 or send us an email: fayettevillelatindance@gmail.com


Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce” denoting a “spicy” and “hot” flavor to this popular dance style to a complex mix of many different rhythms. Our classes provides a strong foundation in Salsa with emphasis on lead and follow through techniques that take you into becoming an experienced social dancer who understands balance, center, control. We offer Kids and Adult classes. All levels welcomed.


Kizomba is both a music genre and a partnered dance originating in Angola. Kizomba has also been described as the “African Tango.”

The dance is known to be slow and smooth, and flows with movements that are somewhat harsh and requires a lot of flexibility in the knees for the frequent bob up and down motion of the dance, lower body, hip movements, etc. Our chief goal is for dancers, especially Kizomba dancers, new or improver, to learn to experience a different dance each time especially when dancing with the same partner to the identical song.




7 PM

$15 - $60


Casino Rueda

8:00 PM

$15 - $60



Twerk Class

6 PM


Every 3rd /4th Tuesday

Ladies Styling

7 PM

Afro Movement

8 PM


Beginner Drop-In

Intermediate Series Salsa

7 PM


Beginner & Intermediate Bachata

8 PM



Click picture to purchase or signup!


Foundations/ Beginner Salsa Series

7 PM





Bachata Series

8 PM




 Heels Class

7 PM





All Classes are $15 unless a series or workshop. Punchcards are available for purchase to receieve discounts.



Burnchata Fitness

10 AM


Kids Salsa/Bachata Series

11 AM



Business Team


Salsa Instructor

Kizomba Instructor

Bachata Instructor

Dance Team Coordinator

Black Owned Business

Ashley Goode has been dancing since she was 4 with various styles such as African, jazz, and hiphop. She fell in love with street Salsa and wanted to learn more. Upon moving back to NC, she joined Baile Con Saźon Latin dance studio in 2016. Not to long after joining, she started her apprenticeship program under the direction of the Black Belt Salsa System created Edie the Salsa Freak as well as joining their ladies performance team. Ashley has trained with various instructors on the East Coast. She recently been focusing in the style AfroCuban under the direction of Spirit in Motion 3.0 and recently took her certification course with RW Latin Dance in Beginners Salsa and Bachata Teacher Training. Ashley is the current co-owner of Fayetteville Latin Dance and the current Team Captain of their ladies bachata team. With her passion teaching and dance Ashley started a latin dance program at Overhills High school and will be hosting FLD kids summer sessions.

Loretta Ramsingh started learning Salsa dance in 2010 and became a certified Blue Belt Salsa Instructor under the Black Belt Salsa System by Edie the Salsa Freak in 2012. She recently completed Beginner Salsa/Bachata Teacher Training with RW Latin Dance. She started learning Kizomba dance in 2014. Her love for the dance grew, and that love grew into a desire to teach others. She has taken Modules I/II Women's Kizomba Teacher Training Course with Lucia Nogueira, Eddy Vents' Kizomba Teacher's Course I, and Kizomba Harmony's Master Your Dance Teacher Training and Urban Musicality Course in 2017 and 2018. She started teaching at Baile Con Sazon Studio in Fayetteville, and is currently a co-owner/instructor with Fayetteville Latin Dance.

Jennifer was introduced  to Latin music in 2007. She started her apprenticeship  in 2013 in Fayetteville  NC. Jennifer taught international  students in 2017 and 2018. She teaches Salsa, Bachata, and beginners kizomba. She also participates in the Ladies Salsa and Bachata dance team.
Yes, we are open but our classes have been reduced to ensure the safety of our students. Students are required to fill out a covid wavier (click covid wavier button for link) before entering our classes and to reserve their class spot prior to class. 



Bachata dancing gives an excellent workout to various muscle groups. It integrates the whole muscular system and allows you to exercise the muscles in your body's lower portion. In addition, it makes the joints more flexible and strengthens the bones. In this class we will do bachata to burn off our calories.

Heels dance is a solo dance genre often featured in routines seen in pop and hip-hop music videos. Its techniques and dance vocabulary derive from a wide range of dance styles used in music video choreography as well as traditional dance genres.

Twerk class for every day men and women to learn the basic fundamentals of twerking. From booty shaking, body rolls, hip, booty and cheek isolation as well as hair whips and more. Twerk moves are broken down step by step to help anyone master the basics. Each class is 45 mins paired with a warm-up to get you started.


The class consists of a warm-up with a concentration on breathing and undulation exercises, along with across-the-floor and open dance combinations. The unique movement, routines, and rhythms introduced in class will require dancers to think more intently about space, time, and musicality. All movements and music are based from African movement to include AfroBeats, Traditionally African movement, and more.


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